American Mama

Ready for the hottest holiday of the summer?

The Fourth of July was a pretty cool holiday when I was a kid. Parades were awesome and fireworks– super exciting. Once I was in my late teens and early twenties, though, I could take it or leave it. I mean, I always made sure to wear my red, white, and blue bikini to celebrate the day, but there was nothing about the holiday that made me look forward to it. Now that I have kids, though, my love for the holiday is back in full force. I will get up early to get the best spot on the parade route and stay up late to make sure the kids see the best fireworks display in the area. And in between, I want to eat some tasty tubed meat and drink some real bitter beer… because that’s America.

Being a mom to two girls, dressing alike or with the theme is a daily occurrence in our home, so I whipped up an American Mama shirt to celebrate the holiday. I’m super psyched about this one and can’t wait to sport it on the Fourth. The shirt pictured here is a vintage red with white and blue fonts. The shirt is also available in a white muscle tank with red and blue fonts. I’ll be wearing this red one this year since I just love the color of the vintage red. Paired with some denim shorts or cropped jeans, I’ll be ready for the parade, family celebration and fireworks. Every time I look at this shirt I think of the song, American Woman by Guess Who, but of course, I am singing “American Mama” in my head. There is not much time before the mid-summer celebration, so make sure you order quick to get it in time. As always, shipping is free for purchases over $100, just use the code: momlife

With the holiday right around the corner, I’ve already started planning what I will bring to the fireworks. See, we drive over to the next town to see their fireworks on the Fourth since our town doesn’t do fireworks until the Riverfest in August. So we get there a little early to get a good spot and I have to pack a little something to tide everyone over until it gets dark enough for the show to start. I thought I would share with you what I pack in my bag. I hope you’ll share what kinds of tips and tricks you have for keeping everyone happy until dark!

  • Water- but be careful! The bathroom situation where we go is not the best (like there is none), so I have to be careful that none of us drink too much water- or we’ll never make it through the night. Ideally, you’ll have access to good bathroom facilities nearby and can hydrate your family appropriately.
  • Snacks- pretzels are great- not too messy or greasy. Graham snacks are good too. I usually throw a lollipop for each kid in the bag. I’m not a big fan of candy but they throw it to us at the parade so I wait a hot minute before tossing it in the garbage. Anyway, lollipops are worth it because they take a while to finish. That’s at least three minutes of peace before the kids start whining again that they are hungry.
  • Small, travel-sized games are good. We are currently into Guess Who. Haha, I just realized that’s who sings American Woman! Cards would work, too. Maybe Uno.
  • Glow stuff- as it starts getting dark, you can break out the glow sticks and light up stuff. That will keep them happy for a few minutes. Bonus is you’ll be able to see them better too.
  • Devices- if all else fails, you can stick a device in their face. I try not to do this, and honestly they only care about it for a minute. They are much more excited about the crowd and people watching. My oldest likes to make new friends wherever we go, so she cares more about connecting with people anyway.
  • Chairs and blankets- I bring our two adult chairs and two kid chairs but I also bring a couple of blankets to put in front of the chairs. The kids can never decide where they want to sit, so it helps to give them options.

So that’s what we bring to the fireworks. How about you? What do you pack in your bag?