Be Mine

How and why I’ll be sharing the love this Valentine’s Day, plus new designs and an offer code for all of you lovelies.

I always loved Valentine’s Day. The pink and red lacey paper hearts, the sweet smell of chocolate, the anticipation of delivering cards and love notes to classmates was everything my little-girl-self dreamed of. Now that I’m a mom, I take full advantage of the opportunity to dote on my sweet little girls on the holiday of love. But it’s more than just telling them I love them, I want to tell them why I love them. It’s time for me to break out the paper, scissors, and markers because I’ve got a few valentines to make. I found this post on Pinterest a few years ago and now that my oldest is reading, I think it’s definitely the year to begin making this activity a tradition. Every day from Feb 1 to Feb 14 I’m going to stick a love note on a valentine to their bedroom door with a reason why I love them. What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? Have you found any cute ideas on Pinterest? I’m also on a hunt for a good mantle banner craft for February. Send me your pins!

Since I love this holiday so so much, I wanted to create something that celebrates a mother’s love for her children. I came up with three original designs that I added to t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags. They are the mama (heart), mother love, and MOM=Love designs. All of these items are for sale now in the shop. You can go straight to the valentine section here. I’ve gotten some requests to make grandmother versions of these designs, so keep an eye out for those as they will be coming very, very soon.

Thank you to my family and friends for all the love you’ve been sending me about this store. It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to just keep adding more designs and products. In the meantime, you can celebrate one of my favorite holidays by using the offer code LOVE18 in the cart to receive 15% off all regular priced items.