No Limits

The luckiest of us get to do what we love for life.

I talked about this in my About page, but I love designing. I love creating things by hand but I never feel like it’s perfect enough. That’s why I prefer creating designs on the computer. They (almost) always come out exactly as I plan them to. At my last job I created graphics that displayed throughout the school. I really enjoy doing that work and seeing the product every day.  My favorite t-shirt is a super comfy number I picked up for myself just after my younger daughter was born. It’s a mom shirt. It sports the super awesome mantra, “Mommin’ ain’t easy.” I thought it was funny, but it’s so real. I always get tons of compliments on the shirt. Moms look at me and shout, “So true!” I love the mama camaraderie that surrounds us when I wear that shirt and I knew there was something to that. Why wouldn’t I design shirts for moms so that they can get the same feeling? There’s plenty of room on the Internet for another mom shirt store, right? Why not? So that’s how I got here but what sets me apart?

No limits.

I’m not going to pigeon-hole myself into creating only a certain kind of mom shirt. Not just sassy mom shirts, not just minimal design, not even just mom. I’m going to create shirts for grandmas, aunts, godmothers and all the rest. I’m going to take feedback and criticism from my customers and make better products, better options, better variety.

What would you do with no limits? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear what #momlife means to you and what your passions are.