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I began “mommin’ it” back in 2012 with the birth of my first daughter. Shortly thereafter I remember coming out of her room with a well-stocked diaper bag on my shoulder, car keys in my hand and a clean, fed, and dressed baby on my arm. I had a smile on my face and I was ready to head out to wherever we were going that day. My husband took one look at me and said, “Look at you. You’re mommin’ it.”

It was the best compliment I could have gotten at that very moment because I didn’t always feel like I had my act together but on this day I did. And someone noticed… and let me know they noticed.

But that doesn’t mean that I only think of myself as mommin’ it when I’ve got my act together. Oh, no. On those days when I’m tired, the kids are whiny, the house is a mess and I’m (heaven forbid) out of coffee, you know I’m mommin’ it then too.

I want you to know that I see you, Moms of the world. Whether you’re crushin’ it or wondering how you will get through this day. I’m in awe of how you manage this life with these tiny, sweet, loving, sometimes disgruntled, often stubborn but always adorable, mess-making little monster darlings that we call our children. I celebrate with you in the moments when you know you got this. I feel you when the ends start to fray and everything is about to become untied. I see you when you’re mommin’ it.

I started dreaming about making T-shirt’s and mugs and bags with my favorite phrase on it and I started thinking about all the moms and friends I have who are out there mommin’ it themselves. I love designing things and creating products. I’m a self-taught DIYer who has been aching to find the right idea to start creating for others. So that, my friend, is where this store comes in. Every design here was created by me. For you. And I could not do it without you.

I blog about my mommy lifestyle among other fabulous things at and you can find me personally all over social media @atomiclola. Please say hi and let me know what you think of my store. I would love to hear from you and I want this store to be a growing place. Dream BIG.