Unicorn Moms

That sounds like a tall order. Unicorn Mom.

And I struggled with this design because I wanted to create a definition of a Unicorn Mom that is universal. Wait, what? Unicorns are special, you say? I know, I know, but listen. It’s not always about liking the same things (coffee, wine, etc.) or spending time at the same places (beach, pick-up line, etc.). I wanted to convey the qualities that I hope that others see in me. Like, I hope that this is the image that I put out there, and if it’s not, it’s what I aspire to. For instance, when my daughters tell me 50 times a day that I’m the best mom ever and I want to believe them but I feel guilty for lying to them and telling them that the Nutella factory closed down so that’s why they have to take a break from peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches for a while. I want the world to see me the ways my kids see me. So I wanted to define the Unicorn Mom with those qualities that we all know that we have, and that frankly most people see in us anyway, we just have to remind ourselves sometimes that deep down that’s who we are.

Let’s break it down.

“A confident mother”… What is a confident mother? Does this mean you have to be confident all the time? No. Are you confident that you got your kids out of the house without any major tragedies today? Yes. Good, then you’re a confident mother. No? Then on to the next. Keep rolling with it.

“Who doesn’t judge”… I mean this sincerely. I am not judging you and I think about what I say before I am going to say it. Because I want to be very sure that what I am going to say does not ever come off as “judgy.” Simple as that. You will never hear me comment on something that is none of my business. Ever. Do you do that? If so, I’m sorry but you’re not a unicorn mom.

“Has a sense of humor”… And I’m not talking about a strictly sarcastic sense of humor. I want to belly laugh with my mom friends. I don’t want to be worried about whether or not you think I’m cool. So crack a smile and giggle with me, unicornz.

“And isn’t afraid to sparkle”… Let’s not pretend that we think something is cool when it’s not. Stand up for what you believe in. Unicorns shine and they do not conform. Okay, but I know how hard this can be. There are days when we don’t feel like what we’re doing is good enough. That’s okay too. Just remember to sparkle on those days that you do feel good about you.

“See also: mama, BFF, magical creature” I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now, but my favorite word for mother is mama. It’s the first thing my babies called me when they started to babble words. Mama is strong and beautiful, just like a unicorn. Your BFF is your bestie for a reason. That feeling you get when you think about her is special and rare. And no creature is as magical as the unicorn mom, with the powers to soothe, heal, love, warm, create, give, sustain, and so much more.

Anyway, I am really proud of this design. It took a long time to develop it and I gave it a lot of deep thought. I’ve been sitting on it forever beacause I was nervous about it but I’m proud to add it to my collection this Fall and let it sparkle as it should. Let me know what you think and as always, what you’d like to see.



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