Welcome Summer

OK, so technically summer is still a week away right now but I am already feeling the heat.

When I think of summer I think of ice cold beverages, longer days in the warm sunshine, and a time when we want to feel things slow down, but they fly by way too fast. For so many moms, summer also means the kids are home and in our hair. Don’t even think of trying to get something done around the home, there’s no way. For me, the only way to maintain my sanity is to kick those plans out the door and chill. No one cares if my dishwasher has been emptied. Relax. It’s summer. So when I tell you that I have finished my spring cleaning around the shop and I’m ready to release some summer designs, I want to also tell you that I’m ready to release some new designs on a regular basis. One a week to start. That’s one new design for every week this summer! But hey, I know you won’t be upset if I don’t get a new design out each week because sometimes I need to chill. And go play with my kids. Because that’s what this whole adventure is about. Mommin’ It.

For this week, my new design features my summer logo, the triangle with palm trees.

They’ve got this pretty pinkish glow that reminds me of a summer sunset. I added the graphic to tank tops and t-shirts so far. Tank tops are a new addition to my store, what do you think? I also chose a new t-shirt for this design. I went with Bella & Canvas. I’ve been so happy with other t-shirts I have from that brand, so I thought other’s might enjoy them as well. To start, I added the unisex tee, but I have a couple of their v-necks that I really like. I think I’ll be adding those soon as well. So if you like this design, keep your eyes open for it on additional products over the next few weeks.

While I am going to try to add a new design each week, I am constantly adding my designs to new products, so if there is something you want to see that I don’t have in the store, please let me know!

Love always,